Copper Busbars

We manufacture a range of solid copper and flexible copper and busbars to suit a variety of applications in the electrical engineering industry.

All copper busbar products are fabricated from high grade BS EN 13600 CW004A copper

We can manufacture the busbars to your specifications, either from your drawings, or we can create drawings for you from your dimensions and electrical requirements. Typical finish will be electro-tin plate, 5 microns thick, either bright or dull, depending upon your requirement. Bright Nickel plate is also available.

Our engineers have many years of experience in the design of busbars and can advise on the optimum layout and size of busbar for your application, including temperature rise calculations.

Processes include cut to length, punch, slot, profile, bend, twist add inserts, assemble, add insulation.

For flexible copper busbars please refer to our our www, web site for laminated and flexibar busbars, and for copper braid busbars.