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Insulation grip terminalsUltra Heavy Duty TerminalsInsulation Grip

Ultra High Vibration (Insulation grip) terminals for bogie to axle traction applications are designed to absorb high cable vibration between the cable insulation and the barrel of the terminal.
UHD Terminal Assembly
Ferrule on cable
Ferrule and cable inserted into terminal
UHD Terminal tooling
Rail Vehicle Cables

Ultra High Vibration (Insulation grip) terminals for bogie to axle traction applications are designed to absorb high cable vibration between the cable insulation and the barrel of the terminal, using a specially designed double crimp which increases the life of the cable connection. These terminals have an extended barrel and ferrule insert, are manufactured in two bend types and do not have an inspection hole. Because of the special design and the fact that the cable connection is sealed, these terminals are especially durable and suitable for particularly heavy duty traction applications in high vibration environments such as bogies.

Specified by Bombardier, Alstom, Siemens, D B Cargo, Wabtec, Stagecoach, London Underground, London Overground.

#wires / diameter
Cross section
area sq mm
Terminal refStud size, mmFerrule ref Crimp size
Code Letter
Crimp “Go”
size mm
126/0.416WI10M10C2330I7.5Inspection hole
276/0.435C2211M12C2147M-X14.590 degree bend
276/0.435C2161M16C2147M-X14.590 degree bend
276/0.435C2144M16C2147M-X14.5Dowel fitted
756/0.5150C2293 specialM16C2294Q20.5Rounded corners
756/0.5150C2354M16C2294Q20.5Dowel fitted

Material: Made to our specification from high conductivity copper BS EN 13600 CW004A seamless copper tube. An inspection hole is provided to check cable location prior to crimping.

Finish: Annealed and electro-tin plated – 5 micron minimum.

Identification: The palm of each terminal is stamped with the crimp size code letter and embossed on crimp form after crimping.

Tools: Use Tranect 35T hydraulic crimping press and crimping dies. Please refer to the data table for the appropriate crimp size code letter for the crimping die. Use Tranect ‘Go’ gauge to check each crimp or measure the crimp using the crimp ‘Go’ gauge dimension given on the data table.

To Order: Please specify catalogue number (Cat. No.) and stud size.

Insulation Terminal Crimp Dies

Insulation Grip Terminal Dies

WDW 50 tensile test machine

Tranect Ltd Tensile Testing Appparatus

In August 2009, TRANECT’s Ultra-High Vibration terminals were submitted for tensile testing by Westmoreland Mechanical Testing and Research laboratories in Banbury, Oxon. The purpose of the test was to measure the tensile strength of our crimp against that of our competitors, a major European manufacturer, under identical conditions. A fundamental difference between Tranect’s Ultra-High Vibration terminals and those of similar designs is our unique internal ferrule, which grips the cable strands much more tightly than the more common integrated design Both terminals were crimped initially with tooling recommended by each manufacturer. The tests were then repeated with the Tranect terminals crimped using non-Tranect tooling, and in both cases the results were conclusive.

The rival crimps failed at a maximum loading of just 10kN, while the Tranect terminals did not fail at all; however, the cable itself failed at a load of 18kN, leaving the crimp connection intact.