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Our range copper braid products include flexible busbars, earth straps and earth bonds from 0.75 mm2 (15 Amps) to 2,000 mm2 (4,000 Amps) in plain copper and plated copper, high conductivity copper and oxygen free copper.

Our copper braid busbar range includes copper strips, copper foil and copper braid for panel board, switchgear and transformer applications.

Our cable assemblies and cable lugs include standard industrial lugs, special lugs made to customer specification through to ultra heavy duty lugs for use in high vibration applications such as rail bogies. We manufacture these from high conductivity copper, electrical grade aluminium and 316 grade stainless steel and we also manufacture the corresponding crimp tooling.


Power generation: Wind turbines, Hydro power, standby power generators

Power distribution: Transformers, switchgear, isolators, cable joints, cable trunking, electrical machines

Earthing: static earthing, equipment earthing, cabinet earthing, lightning protection, radio earthing, EMC shielding

Rail: overhead pantographs, third rail collectors, bogie power systems

Electric vehicles: battery connections, motor connections

Marine and offshore: Elecrtrical machine connections, Earthing connectors, anode connection, structure earthing

Research: Cryogenic heat transfer

Copper Braid Products
Your one stop shop for all your copper braid product requirements, whatever your application, whatever your quantity, we have a product for you.

Flexible Copper Busbars
A comprehensive range of flexible copper busbars made from copper strip, copper foil and copper braid.

Stainless Steel Braid Products
Precision engineered stainless steel braids which are strong, durable and free from the effects of corrosion and weathering.

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